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Come visit us for a casual dining experience with great food and drinks. 

While you’re here you’ll enjoy some great music too.  During dining hours we feature music from the big bands of the early 20th century, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and more. 

After dining has ended the mix becomes more eclectic, ranging anywhere from Beck and Bob Dylan to The Velvet Underground and The White Stripes.



The main portions of the building, including outdoor dining, are wheelchair accessible with the exception being “The Pit” which requires navigating a small three-step staircase.  

We hope you'll come see us and walk-ins are always welcome. However, due to limited space, reservations are strongly recommended.

Call us (716) 569-2212

Our main dining room is our largest area.  It is TV free and seats groups both big and small.  Booth seating is available for groups of 4 or less while our tables can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 20 people.  The walls are adorned with rustic, vintage maps, signs, posters, and photos.

The bar room houses the bar with its seven stools, two TVs, and two more tables for those who prefer to watch the game while they dine.  Bar seating is first come, first serve, while the tables are available by reservation. 

“The Pit” contains booths and table seating along with two more TVs. The walls are packed with music related memorabilia past and contemporary. It is a great little area for couples to enjoy a night out or it can also suit a larger group that doesn’t mind spreading out a bit.  "The Pit" is also a favorite area of families with young ones. 

Our outdoor area is newly constructed and features six umbrella covered tables for dining.  There is also a lawn area complete with Adirondack chairs, it's perfect for catching up with friends and enjoying a drink.

Out here you'll enjoy the sounds of some of the most influential musicians of the fifties including Chuck Berry, Jimmy Reed, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and more, as well as some specially themed music nights. Outdoor seating availability is weather dependent at our discretion.

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